Tenacity: Finding the Path Towards Support and Promotion in Atlanta’s Art Community

The core of Atlanta exudes an air of diversity and optimism that has the power to knock a visitor off of their feet.  In a city heavily swayed by freelancing and entrepreneurship among the entertainment industry, the allure for a writer to be swept in this culture of artistic self-expression is delightfully magnetizing.


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This summer, follow me as I dive into an exhibition of discovery throughout Atlanta’s art community. I will follow festivals, open mics, art showings and more. I aim to discover the opportunities and struggles that up and coming artists are experiencing. How do they find recognition? Are the opportunities as plentiful as they appear in the rapidly growing city? Let’s find out.

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Writers Block: We Meet Again

Lately, I just have not been able to pull out the motivation to write anything.

Maybe it’s because of the many rejections I have been receiving in my endeavors to make my writing more public.

Maybe it’s because I have a tendency to announce my accomplishments before they actually reach success.

Either way. . .

It feels like I have a giant cement wall blocking the path to my creativity.  . . More like my writing pores are clogged with the mediocrity that follows performance anxiety.

I know that the key to fighting writer’s block is to just write anyway . . . so here I am writing about the fact that I cannot write anything.

Believe me, the irony is not lost on me.

Moving on to better news.

I visited my hometown last weekend to celebrate the graduations of two of my baby cousin’s and they were both moments that rocked me to my core, to say the least.

They are the first people that I can remember being born so not only am I extremely proud, I am also trudging through the growing pains of realizing I knew babies that are now men.

(Hello adulting, we meet again!)

One is going to the same university that my younger brother graduated from back in 2016, so we are all ecstatic about that. The other is diving straight into a career of construction, following his grandfather’s footsteps and hitting the ground running with a GREAT job.

I pray that they both have a fairly smooth journies into adulthood.

I have a few projects kindling for this summer so I really need my creative juices to start flowing. I’m thinking about coming on here more often to ramble. . . Just to establish a voice and to keep my creativity from dwindling.

I hope you all stick around with me as I find my way.

I’d still like to have a general theme for my WordPress but there are also times I’d like to just write because I want to write.

Why not enjoy the process of making this my own.