My Dreadlock Journey : The Beginning

As you read in the title, today I will be sharing the beginning of my loc journey. Some of the information that I give here can be used in your own journey but keep in mind that I am not a loctition or a professional. Feel free to use any of my tips as a guide but remember that everyones hair and scalp are a little different, so what works for me. . . Someone else may have to tweak to their comfortability. Now . . . lets get to the good stuff.

For as long I can remember I have had a fascination with dreadlocks. Family members and acquaintances would sport them on and off and I would berate them with questions until I got on their last nerve.

After contemplating for yeeeeears, starting my first loc journey, then promptly cutting the journey short because I stared with permed hair. (It was a hot mess. . . and done in a beauty shop that told me it was a good idea!) I big chopped in December of 2014 and spent a year getting acquainted with my hair texture.


February 2015, after leaving the military I began my loc journey.


I had never done two strand twists before, and I had never retwisted dreadlocks but I was determined to make it work. The first few times I washed my hair ( I was still washing once a week.) Some of the twists came down all together and I would have to restyle my hair all over again. After a few trial and error washdays I found a method that would help me keep my locs intact without retwisting so often.

I stayed optimistic.

Here’ s a video I found that is the closest to the technique I used.


I had some blow back from family and friends in the beginning. I’ve always done my own hair and like I mentioned before, I had absolutely no experience, so sometimes my locs did not look as well put together as some of them may have liked.


But I kept pushing forward anyway. There is no cheat to get out of this stage of the loc process. Some retwist more often so they wont have to see so much of the frizz but be carful with the twisting because it can thin your hair.

I washed once a week and retwisted twice a month for the first six month of my journey. Although, my hair still loc’d in about five months, I would not recommend this.  I spent the entire next year combatting dry scalp and flaking because I washed so much. Now I wash about twice a month and retwist every six to eight weeks. This regimen is not ideal for starter locs, but as time progresses your wash and twisting routine will change organically with your schedule and scalp needs.

I only use coconut oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil, and water to retwist, but I will add Eco Gel if I am going to an event and I want them to look really tight. I have done this pretty much the entire time. The only exception to my current routine was when I started my two strands. At that time I used the Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking gel.

If you are just starting your journey, I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that I have been able to help in some way. If you have any questions about loc’ing or if you just want to swap stories, you can find me on

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Author: Trice Kay

I love to create, my dream is for my ideas to lead me to a more joy-filled, vibrant life, creating connections with other creatives.

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